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GUARD YOUR KIDS TO SLEEP WELL: For kids who often wake up during the night and are very scared of the dark, a night light for kids can drive away from the darkness and comfort the kids. The soft light this gives off is not too bright but enough to dimly light the whole kids’ room. The night lights for the kids’ room have a mode that changes different colors (50%, 100% warm light& 7 colors). You can adjust the night light for kids to the appropriate colors to company your kid’s sleep. MOM’S GOOD HELPER – NURSERY NIGHT LAMP: The nursery baby night light is perfect for moms making those middle-of-the-night diaper changes and breastfeeding trips. The night light has a dim, or a brighter choice and the night lamp is squishy. If you get the night lights for the kids’ room as bed nightlights, you can adjust the brightness without having to get up from the bed, just a little tap to control the nursery baby night light. And the cute star kids’ night light is a perfect nursery decor, too.